The “D” is silent!

So I watched “Django Unchained” over the Easter holidays
I know it’s a little late but it’s so good
and I love Christoph Waltz
(despite my dad sitting next to me going “I have no idea what the movie is about!”)

I am very interested in the movie’s style, which really reminds me of Inglorious Bastards

1. historical background
Both movies depicts rather interesting preiods of time in the history in details, rough details
How Hitler was killed and war ended and what America was like towards the black before the Civil War

I always focused on the major events in these historical moments, how the time of the Nazis ended and everything that goes on in Lincoln

but these little characters, the team of inglorious bastards who sacrificed themselves and the black bounty hunter who saved his wife (which can be interpreted as a proclaimation of his freedom)
they presented to us how it would actually FEEL to be involved in that part of history


The way these stories are told, to me, are very contradictory
they are undoutedly cruel yet I find them funny

I find the way Brad Pitt… deal with Christoph Waltz funny,
even if it’s pretty cruel and dishonest

I also find the way Django… blows everything up funny
even if it’s REALLY cruel and bloody and super illegal

Somehow Quentin Tarantino made the blood so not scary
I know it sounded so wrong but I just counldn’t resist

The hip hop music that was in Django was so good and was such a good match with the atmosphere


I have always liked “uncles” like Robert Downey Jr. and Daniel Craig
And Christoph Waltz is just sooooooooooooooo good!

When he was in Inglorious Bastards, I swear, if you mute the thing and only look at his face he looks so friendly and cheerful and nice
And I feel like punching him in the face soooooooooo bad the whole time

But when he was in Django, he is so nice and wise and the way he (sort of) sacrificed himself just so to get revenge at Candie for treating people so cruelly
I just love him
Ah so cute

All these make me so interested in Quentin Tarantino

Absolutely recommending the 2 movies

And it’s also funny how this 2-year-before-civil-war movie and Lincoln which is about the Civil War are out in the same year haha

Thanks for reading <|++<


Surprise: Thermae Romae

I got so interested in thermae Romae the movie the moment I saw the poster

absolutely because of Abe Hiroshi

But then I came across the Manga and it’s actually pretty educationa

So the story is about the protagonist Lucius, Roman architect, everything he has trouble coming up with ideas of building thermae, he would accidentally falls into water or something
and he would “travel” to the modern world of Japan
he then learns from Japan and brings those ideas back to Rome

the manga is pretty educational because there’s supplementary information about how the Romans saw the value of bathing
which is surprisingly pretty similar to the Japanese

it’s so freaking funny to see Abe Hiroshi acting all surprised to see the modern things

I do think the author might have exaggerated (in typical Japanese dramatic manga style) a bit the value of bathing
like how it actually facilitated peace in Rome… by calming and relaxing the King….
but still it’s freaking funny

And could make a really good entrance point for the Occident to know about the Japanese culture
especially the parts about the manners for the bath

totally recommending 🙂

Thanks for reading! <|++<


to-read list

to-read list

wow i never know setting up a tumblr blog can be so exhausting…

anyway, here’s my to-read list

or more like stuff i want to write about

1. he’s just not that into you VS 500 days of summer




“he’s just not that into you” is definitely my favourite chick-flick (and i think every girl will find it educational and totally helpful)

i didnt watch “500 days of Summer” until like 2 months ago. i thought it was just another little love story but i was SOOOOOOO wrong (and i love Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

but the reason why i am putting the 2 together is that they look at love and relationship in totally different point of views, female VS male discourse

2. Modernizing Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly a classic

and now there’s more and more modernization of it: the BBC Sherlock, the Robert Downey Jr. movies and House M.D.

maybe i will look into that…




3. Inglorious Bastards

Love this movie so much, cruel but still very funny……

will look into it

so that’s it for today i’m tired…

so i guess by now you should know i major in comparative literature 😉