to-read list

to-read list

wow i never know setting up a tumblr blog can be so exhausting…

anyway, here’s my to-read list

or more like stuff i want to write about

1. he’s just not that into you VS 500 days of summer




“he’s just not that into you” is definitely my favourite chick-flick (and i think every girl will find it educational and totally helpful)

i didnt watch “500 days of Summer” until like 2 months ago. i thought it was just another little love story but i was SOOOOOOO wrong (and i love Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

but the reason why i am putting the 2 together is that they look at love and relationship in totally different point of views, female VS male discourse

2. Modernizing Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly a classic

and now there’s more and more modernization of it: the BBC Sherlock, the Robert Downey Jr. movies and House M.D.

maybe i will look into that…




3. Inglorious Bastards

Love this movie so much, cruel but still very funny……

will look into it

so that’s it for today i’m tired…

so i guess by now you should know i major in comparative literature 😉

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