I really like this book

It ‘s not a very academic analysis of the Austen novels, but a very easy-to-read and interesting book about the life lessons in Austen’s books.

Like the author, I am one of those kids who think that i am too good for Austen, like you want me to read some boring romance written by some old lady? With a movie tie-in by Keira Knightley?

But then when i seriously read Austen in class, it totally changed how i see Austen. And to me she is now an incredibly wise and funny lady.

Not only do her novels offer very essential life lessons and relationship advices, they are also very good indicators or reference to how people lived in her contemporary.

Like in Pride and Prejudice, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”

This quote is very wise in terms of showing the priorities of people’s lives at that time (well… getting married and getting a place in the social network is important) and in terms of Jane Austen’s mockery to her contemporary society.

Because we will see very soon in the novel that Austen definitely does not think that it is important to marry for the social status and money, which is mocking the character Mrs. Bennet

What is creepy about Austen is that she was not That popular in her time but she keeps coming back! and her theories on life and relationship still applies TODAY, maybe especially in this time of post-capitalism.

People get tired of chasing money (capitalism) and in the end of th day just realize they want something more innocent – relationship and love.

Anyway, this book is pretty fun to read.

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